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FuzzyDiscussion [theory]
A FuzzyDiscussion is a decentralized / fragmented way of discussing topics.

The topic or idea is posted on one site where it can be discussed. It will also include a list of other sites which are discussing the same topic or idea. If anyone wishes to post the topic or idea on another disucssion, blog or community site they must include a link back to the original page which holds the links to all the outside discussions on the idea or topic.

In a FuzzyDiscussion no one is right or wrong. Each person has a view or opinion and other people can either agree, disagree or are ambivalent towards that person's ideas. No one can say someone is wrong or right. If someone disagrees they should provide an alternate viewpoint. If they are ambivalent they should say why. If they agree they could add to the other person's viewpoint to expand the idea. This should help to facilitate discussion.

If someone wants to they can copy the discussion or parts of the discussion from outside sites onto the main discussion site.

A FuzzyDiscussion should grow and expand, mutate and develop, be organic and evolve. If there is chaos then, in the natural order of things, order will develop naturally. Do not gripe and moan about perceived, so called, 'noise'. Add to the discussion not detract from it.

NB: If you wish to have a FuzzyDiscussion about FuzzyCommunity on other sites please include the link to the discussion in the Wiki:CategoryFuzzy. Please inform others about FuzzyDiscussion before starting the discussion. Also you can link back to the Wiki:CategoryFuzzy page so others can find other discussions on Wiki:ThingsFuzzy. -- PaulMillar

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