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I am trying out this community to see how it differs from the other wikiss.

I use [Wikipedia] a lot and also have been getting back to playing at [UseModWiki]

My personal website is at [Garnet R. Chaney]. Maybe I'll replace it with a wiki!

I have been researching differences between UseMod and the current Wikipedia software WikiMedia, in a [comparison of UseMod with MediaWiki].

I'm back to hacking on a wiki that I put at [Chat11]. It was based on UseMod 0.92. Most of the hacking I did there was back in 2001, and I am only just getting it online again on a new server..... Update 15 months later: Chat11 now has over 3500 pages of content, and over 40 versions of mods to the wiki software..... Unique mods include [Refactoring Support], [Time Log Tracking], advanced spam filtering when rendering pages, and lots of Amazon linking options.

Take a look at another wiki project I put online about a year ago: TrulyOpenDirectory It's now in it's second phase of development, and I'm looking for comments and ideas about some improvements I'm considering....

Another wiki site showcases a templating system I put into my branch of Usemod: http://www.bookax.com

Welcome, Garnet! :) Have a look at WelcomeWikipedians? if you'd like to know more about how we try to support Wikipedia. You can link back there as WikiPedia:User:GarnetRChaney. Btw, would it be ok to move this page to GarnetChaney??--MartinHarper

Sure, I usually like to go by GarnetRChaney?, but some wiki's don't think that is a valid CamelCase! Although my own wikis handle this properly, I've generally decided to avoid CamelCase on most of them. - GarnetR

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