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Following the c2 "GaveUpOn?*" format ... I'm tired of reverting spam and vandalism on wikis that don't want to help me do so with even a decent interface for editing. Click the page, scroll down to the bottom, click "view other revisions", click the revision, scroll down, click submit. Repeat over and over. I'm tired of it.

I want a simple "revert to previous version" button. Give it only to people who have the editor password, give it only to people with a UID < some amount ... though then there's usemod's prediliction for LOSING my uid and me getting a new one because it can't even use my NAME as a key, so I guess that won't work.

I'm watching all the raw sewage of c2 spill over here and I'm afraid we're all going to wring our hands and philosophize and spin off new clever neologisms describing the social dynamic, but never do a damn thing about it. Code up a weedwacker, I'm tired of pulling them by hand


I think CitizenArrest would work lovely. Why revert each edit by hand when we can just revert everything? -- SunirShah

I'm tired of gardening wikis as well. Some people have more time at hand than others, and entering an edit-war with them is just tiring. Oddmuse has a rollback function that will revert all pages to a certain point in time, irrespective of IP. It turns out that I very rarely needed it because I haven't had any trolls on my wikis. Before adding the IP filter, I'd have to see more occasions to use it... -- AlexSchroeder


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