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GeoUrl tries to map URLs to physical locations.


On the SusningNu wiki, if you enter a latitude and longitude on a page, they get displayed as the ICBM meta tag that GeoUrl needs, and along with the coordinate the GeoUrl logo and a "ping link" are also displayed. GeoUrl does not traverse (spider) web pages to find the ICBM coordinates, but every page has to be "pinged". A few thousand pages at SusningNu have these coordinates, and several hundreds are already pinged into GeoUrl. To see how this works, have a look at http://susning.nu/Paris

Which brings up an issue with GeoUrl; if this takes hold, eventually spots like "Paris" will be flooded with tons of links of faraway sites talking about them, which will prevent someone whose apartment is actually near the center of paris from easily finding the web sites of their neighbors.

Maybe the solution is to either for GeoUrl entries to each contain a categorization, or for multiple GeoUrl-like registries to spring up to differentiate between the different categories.

If you Google for "Paris" you will find pages that mention that word, whether it is about the capital of France or something else called Paris (a restaurant in Moscow or a perfume made in Japan). If a thousand bloggers who are actually in Paris are mixed up with a few websites elsewhere that only talk about the city, they will have to live with this. If there are a thousand bloggers in Paris, geoUrl will list them by suburb or quarter, and the foreign websites will disappear in the background noise. The problem right now is that there are not a thousand bloggers in Paris registered with geoUrl. GeoUrl is a very small service, and would have to be reorganized before it can grow to Google's size.


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