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For a time this search engine was archetypical, with the word "google" sometimes being used as a verb meaning to search the WorldWideWeb.

This is an easy to use search engine with an easy to remember URL. One feature which makes Google useful to RecordKeepers is the cache. If you search for a web page which has been recently deleted or edited, below the broken link you will find a link to Google's saved version of the former web page - which also highlights your search terms in color so you can quickly scan a large document for relevant material.

Google also do a good job of seperating paid advertising links clearly from the links turned up by your search as most relevant. With a single click you can seach a huge number of UseNet news groups instead of the web (aka GoogleGroups?).

Some might say Google is no longer absolutely cutting edge. The KartooSearchEngine? accesses several search engines including Google, and displays the results graphically, with hits from the same domain grouped together into a single disk, and lines showing relationships between sites. -- DavidWeisman?

Google uses a technology called PageRank to rank website relevancy to a given querry.

The people doing Google: Have they been contacted by the people doing wiki yet? Did anybody write a mail to google concerning our WikiSpam problems? Does an irc channel exist where googlefolks can be talked to? Do googlefolks know we'd have questions to them? For example on ic (freenode) #wiki and #moin. Also on http://wiki.chongqed.org. -- MattisManzel



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