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We've used GUIDATA (Graphically Unwrapped Interaction Diagram Along the Time Axis) to display what it is that occurs in the LBD eClassroom. (http://www.learningbydoing.net/) The texture of the communication web is made apparent as it goes from flimsy to dense, describing the woven nature of the interactions. The data is simply who speaks, when and to whom, and it is broken down into minutes.

A sample 30 minute representation is shown here for an online class of 41 participants: Start of class was 7 pm. The students are assigned to a colored grouping in the LBD Main Room at the beginning of the semester (blue, green, purple and orange). After activities in the Main Room they go to their smaller breakout rooms for further activities and discussion (not shown here.) ---Mike Neubauer

This data in matrix form can then be input into Ucinet, exported to Pajek or Kinemage to make a 3D view of the participants and the web, they weave.

note that the largest circle is the group or polis which becomes the repository. The ChatCircles have now become elements of the greater web.

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