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Sometimes, when you give up on individuals or groups, SoftSecurity is inadequate. In those cases, HardSecurity controls access to the community: to its people, its resources, its functionality, its commons. Of course, don't be paranoid; sane people DefendAgainstParanoia. Don't give up on others if life is telling you to grow as a person.

HardSecurity is security which involves the use of force.

HardSecurity is like rock. It's strong until broken, when it shatters into unrepairable pieces.

Some ideas.

See also InformationSecurity, MeetForceWithForce, OnlineCommunitiesAreCityStates, LimitedKnowledgePurchasing.

[Many2Many on why and when HardSecurity is needed].

Interesting: AuditTrail and DelayAction are also listed on SoftSecurity. Others are missing: SurgeProtector, SecurityByObscurity(?) and EnforceResponsibility.

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