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Each of these terms is a class in a merged upper ontology called [SUMO], a product of the [IEEE Standard Upper Ontology Working Group].

SUMO concerns itself with meta-level concepts, and thereby would lead to a natural categorization scheme for MeatBallWiki.

abstract, address, adjective, adverb, advertising, age group, agent, alga, ampere, amphibian, amu, anatomical structure, angle measure, angstrom, angular degree, animacy attribute, animal, animal language, antisymmetric relation, ape, april, aquatic mammal, arachnid, area measure, arthropod, article, artifact, artificial language, art work, asexual reproduction, asleep, associative function, astronomical body, asymmetric relation, atom, atom gram, atomic nucleus, attaching, attribute, august, awake

bacterium, battle, becquerel, belief group, betting, beverage, binary function, binary number, binary predicate, binary relation, biological attribute, biologically active substance, biological process, bird, birth, bit, blood, body covering, body junction, body motion, body part, body substance, body vessel, boiling, bone, book, borrowing, breakability attribute, breathing, british thermal unit, building, buying, byte

calculating, calorie, candela, canine, carbohydrate, carnivore, case role, cell, celsius degree, centimeter, certificate, change of possession, character, chemical decomposition, chemical process, chemical synthesis, city, class, classifying, clothing, cognitive agent, cold blooded vertebrate, collection, color attribute, coloring, combining, combustion, committing, communication, commutative function, comparing, complex number, compound substance, computer language, computer program, condensing, confining, consciousness attribute, constant quantity, constructed language, constructing, content bearing object, content development, contest, contest attribute, continent, continuous function, cooking, cooling, cooperation, corporation, corpuscular object, coulomb, counting, covering, creation, crustacean, cup, currency measure, cutting

damaging, dancing, day, day duration, death, december, declaring, decoding, decreasing, destruction, detaching, developmental attribute, device, diagnostic process, directed graph, directing, directional attribute, direction change, disease or syndrome, disseminating, drinking, drying, dual object process,

eating, educational organization, educational process, electron, electron volt, elemental substance, emotional state, encoding, engineering component, engineering connection, entity, enzyme, equivalence relation, ethnic group, euro cent, euro dollar, even integer, expressing,

fabric, fahrenheit degree, family group, farad, fat tissue, february, feline, fern, field of study, financial transaction, finite set, fish, flowering plant, food, foot, formula, freezing, fresh water area, friday, fruit or vegetable, function, function quantity, fungus,

game, geographic area, geopolitical area, getting, giving, gland, government, graduation, gram, graph, graph arc, graph circuit, graph element, graph loop, graph node, graph path, gray, group, growth, guiding,

hearing, heating, henry, hertz, hiring, hole, hominid, hoofed mammal, hormone, hour, hour duration, human, human language,

icon, imaginary number, impacting, impelling, inch, increasing, information measure, ingesting, inheritable relation, injuring, insect, integer, intentional process, intentional psychological process, intentional relation, internal attribute, internal change, intransitive relation, invertebrate, investigating, irrational number, irreflexive relation, island,

january, joule, july, june,

keeping, kelvin degree, killing, kilo byte,

land area, language, leap year, learning, legal action, lending, length measure, linguistic expression, list, liter, logical operator, lumen, lux,

machine, maintaining, making, mammal, managing, maneuver, manufacture, march, marsupial, mass measure, matriculation, may, measuring, meat, meeting, mega byte, melting, metal, meter, microorganism, mile, military process, mineral, minute, minute duration, mixture, mole, molecule, mollusk, monday, monkey, month, morpheme, moss, motion, motion picture, multi graph, muscle, music, musical instrument, mutually disjoint class, myriapod, : nation, natural language, negative integer, negative real number, neutron, newton, non flowering plant, nonnegative integer, nonnegative real number, normative attribute, noun, noun phrase, november, number, nutrient,

object, object attitude, obligation, occupational role, october, odd integer, ohm, olfactory attribute, one to one function, ordering, organ, organic object, organism, organism process, organization, organizational, process, organization unit, organ or tissue process, ounce,

pairwise disjoint class, partial ordering relation, partial valued relation, particle, pascal, patent, pathologic process, perception, perceptual attribute, periodical, phrase, physical, physical quantity, physical state, physiologic process, pint, plan, plane angle measure, planning, plant, poisoning, poking, political organization, political process, position, positional attribute, positive integer, positive real number, pound force, pound mass, predicate, predicting, prepositional phrase, pretending, primary color, primate, prime number, probability relation, procedure, process, product, proposition, propositional attitude, protein, proton, pseudo graph, psychological attribute, psychological dysfunction, psychological process, publication, pure substance, pursuing, putting,

quantity, quantity change, quart, quaternary function, quaternary predicate, quaternary relation, questioning, quintary predicate, quintary relation,

radian, radiating, radiating light, radiating sound, rankine degree, rational number, reading, real number, reasoning, recreation or exercise, reflexive relation, region, regulatory process, relation, relational attribute, relation extended to quantities, religious organization, religious process, remembering, removing, repairing, replication, reproductive body, reptile, requesting, rodent, room,

salt water area, saturation attribute, saturday, searching, second, second duration, seeing, selecting, self connected object, selling, sentence, sentient agent, separating, september, sequence function, series, set, set or class, sex attribute, sexual reproduction, shape attribute, shape change, shape property, shooting, siemens, sievert, single valued relation, slug, smelling, social interaction, social role, solid angle measure, solution, sound attribute, spatial relation, sport, state change, state of mind, state or province, static water area, stating, stationary artifact, steering, steradian, stream water area, subatomic particle, subjective assessment attribute, substance, substituting, summary, sunday, surface change, surgery, swimming, symbolic string, symmetric relation, systeme international unit,

tactile perception, taste attribute, tasting, temperature measure, temporal relation, terminating employment, ternary function, ternary predicate, ternary relation, tesla, text, texture attribute, therapeutic process, thursday, time dependent quantity, time duration, time interval, time measure, time point, time position, time zone, tissue, total ordering relation, total valued relation, touching, toxic organism, trait attribute, transaction, transfer, transitive relation, transportation, transportation device, tree, trichotomizing relation, truth value, tuesday,

unary constant function quantity, unary function, unconscious, uncovering, unilateral getting, unilateral giving, unique list, united kingdom gallon, united states cent, united states dollar, united states gallon, unit of measure,

variable arity relation, verb, verb phrase, vertebrate, violent contest, virus, visual attribute, vitamin, volt, volume measure,

walking, war, warm blooded vertebrate, water, water area, watt, weapon, weber, wednesday, week, week duration, wetting, word, worm, writing,

year, year duration

Thank you, but I think this is a bit much for people to absorb -- it would certainly be an uphill battle to get people to have enough familiarity with this stuff to use it in categorizing MeatBall (it would be slightly easier in there were more structure; i.e. surely "toxic organism" is a subcategory of "organism", yet that is not represented here (is that what is meant with "merged upper ontology? I'm not familiar with this stuff)).

However, a more critical argument against using these is that the categories on a place like MeatBall have an intimate relation to what is being discussed. It is GOOD for the categories to be specific, idiosyncratic entities. This is because the purpose of the categories is to cluster and cross-reference pages on MeatBall, often sort of a substitute for a long list of "See also"s.

From the point of view of clustering, it is more efficient to choose your clusters based on the distribution of the stuff that you are clustering. For example, using the above words lots and lots of pages would fall under the single heading "subjective assessment", and none under "subatomic particle" (i think...).

The counter-benefit of using a standard ontology like this would be to allow people (or AIs) from the outside to quickly get the hang of what the categories mean; but in this case I don't think that would help much.

Unless you are talking about additional categorization instead of replacing what is already here. It would be cool if we could attach some sort of standard ontology to pages in addition to our current categories. But I'd prefer if that was preceded by some sort of improvment in the underlying WikiEngine that allowed this extra information to be hidden from viewers unless it is explicitly requested.

-- BayleShanks



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