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The page PublicallyEditableInterMap explains why it is a bad idea to have the active intermap file generally editable.

This page offers a less dramatic solution. Keep a copy of the proposed InterMap in page InterMapTxt, which being a wiki page is publically editable. Wiki admin people can then transfer the contents of InterMapTxt to their own intermap.txt as often as they like, with as many or as few security checks as they feel necessary.

At any point in time admins have a choice between using InterMapTxt (which has been edited by anyone) or using the version posted in readonly form at http://meatballwiki.org/intermap.txt, which is defined to be the version acceptable by the UseModWiki admin for use by the UseModWiki site.

CliffordAdams is free to choose whether to adopt the entries in InterMapTxt for UseModWiki site, just like any other wiki admin would be. The only way this proposal affects him differently is that whatever he decides he then posts the UseModWiki intermap.txt where we can all see it.

This solution closes all the objections I can think of - if I have missed some problem please raise it below. Please edit InterMapTxt only to insert/delete/alter sites.


This system is adopted by Wikimedia projects: see [Interwiki_map] and [Brion Vibber's view].


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