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[Usemod homepage]

UseModWiki is the WikiEngine, used to host the MeatballWiki Forum (see AboutThisSite). It is written in Perl, and is available under the GPL. UseModWiki is loosely based on Wiki:AtisWiki and Wiki:CvWiki.

The usemod perl script is about 5400 lines long. The last official release is 1.2.1.

For more information see UseMod:UseModWiki , Wiki:WikiWikiClones and TextFormattingRules.

Usemod development and related projects

SunirShah has worked on Usemod descendant called InfiniteMonkey. Some of his previous patches (see PatchHistory) have made it into the mainstream script.

EricScheid has apparently done interesting things too.

AlexSchroeder has worked on Usemod descendant called OddMuse. It is about 4000 lines long.

Are you planning on a UseMod:BananaSlicing of the code? I'd be very interested to see how that works.

What do you mean? -- AlexSchroeder

Comments / Discussion

I was reading a page here on meatball wiki a couple of weeks back, where there was an effort to develop of set of standard default pages to be used as a base starting point for any new usemod wiki installation. At least I think it was on this wiki, but now I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know the page I'm talking about? -- HarryWood -- 20th Feb 2005

You probably mean the MeatballWikiBasicsSnapshot, part of the sleeping MeatballWikiSnapshots project. -- StephenGilbert
Ah yeah. That's the one I was talking about. -- HarryWood



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