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A GoalStatement tells you what a person or community is up to. This is a big step forward, because people can check whether their own goals are compatible enough to join forces. But it is not the whole story. If you want, you can go a step further and add a personal InterestStatement. When the GoalStatement tells you the "what", the InterestStatement tells you the "why". Now you can check whether you can understand the person and respect his reasons.

Background problem. There is a double moral in society. Children are taught and people are expected to act toward certain moral standards, be good in a way or other. On the other hand, most people seem to act towards their rational self-interest, most of the time. This is a paradoxical conflict that is not resolved. Very often the real motivation for doing something is hidden by some "official" or "presentable" reason.

Therefore. Be open about your interests, about why you do things. It's natural to have personal goals that serve a personal interest and advantage. You can still be a social human respecting the interests and rights of other people looking for collaborations and synergies. If your InterestStatement is understandable, it makes you more transparent. People can rely on what you do in a deeper way, trust you more.


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