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I'm starting an update of this personal page I wrote in...2006. I guess you never forget your WikiLove?, after all...

How to present oneself? Let's do it the basic way first!

Professionally, I'm working for a French Standards Developing organization that develops a new medium for publishing content on the Internet called [Frogans]. "WhatIsaMedium?", you might ask.

Before that, I ran a content marketing agency for 7 years. Even before, I worked as an independent consultant in the field of cooperative management.

I wrote the first (and only?) French book on wikis called, guess what, Les wikis : [my book]

I am married, and we have two kids.

I have faith in JesusChrist.

I have a personal [blog] (in French).

I'll come back later to improve this presentation.

Talk to you soon !



Hi Jerome, didn't expect that you would notice this. It's great to see you here. Hope you'll tell us more about your book and what you found out about wiki. -- HelmutLeitner

A propos de LesWikis ==> Plusieurs points pour la promotion :



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