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A lawyer in Tucson, Arizona. My particular realm of practice is child abuse and neglect. I have undergraduate degrees in mathematics and philosophy. Nothing I post should be considered legal advice or the opinion of my employer or client.

Jason, welcome at MeatballWiki. Constitutional and legal issues are a big topic in online communities, as you have already seen. We are grateful for any help you give, any perspective you provide. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks, Helmut, happy to be here.

Welcome back. I noticed your comment regarding plans for the future of ConvenientRationale and was pleased that you may have returned to participate more actively. -- HansWobbe.

Thanks...actually I've been here all along but most of what I've done is CopyEdit stuff, some pruning, some organization, refactoring, occasionally throwing my own thoughts in anonymously.

Great, given that I quite enjoyed some of your statements and found them enlightening.

-- HansWobbe

I did WalkAway from the controversy I was involved in. (I am still away from it.) I did actually contribute to the postmortem regarding another controversy that happened shortly thereafter, chiefly in puzzlement that things happened so fast. I don't shy away from controversy, in fact I suspect I am one of those people who thinks that as many good things come out of head-on collisions and bloody, passionate battles as come out of collaboration and consensus. But in order to have a battle come to something you have to have both sides willing to engage.

I love talking about trust, it's a really interesting subject. I find that there are two complementary (opposing?) views of group interaction that I've dealt with "in the real world": relationships based on an exchange of trust and relationships based on an exchange of interest. The reason I say these are complementary is because if a problem seems intractable from one viewpoint, often shifting to another can help. That's something that might be worked into several pages here and I've been considering doing it.

I am a head-in-the-clouds dunce when it comes to technology, I look forward to seeing your stuff, though. -- Jason

Trust it is, then.

In fact, I'm already intrigued by your perspective of two views.

I'll give this some thought during the next week while I am travelling and will not have reliable 'net access.

Regards, for now.

-- Hans



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