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The way Swiki makes links sucks!

Just need to get that off my chest... Don't have time right now to expand further and I think Sunir has talked about this before... Does Zwiki use the same LinkPattern as Swiki? More later...


Just a quick note. In order to avoid confusion, "Wiki" (note caps) refers to WikiWiki and "a wiki" refers to any wiki. So, the Wiki philosophy isn't the same as the wiki philosophy. Keep up the good work. The analysis is deeply needed. Thanks for that. By the way, check out PerceptionOfVulnerability. -- Sunir

Thanks for the pointer, I guess subconsciously I was thinking of WardsWiki as the only true "Wiki" ... "wiki" is much clearer. I think PerceptionOfVulnerability will lead nicely into WikiMindWipeConsideredHarmful?. -- JasonYip



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