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I'm an adjunct at George Mason University's New Century College and Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution. I teach courses in conflict resolution and also an ecclectic mix of interdiscplinary social sciences courses. Probably most relevant for Meatball, for the past two years I've taught a course in cyberculture and virtual communities.

Community Projects

Things I'm Pondering

John, welcome to Meatball. I'm very much interested in your work and I'm sure many others here will be too. Discussing ChristopherAlexander with respect to online communities is also something I've been longing for. It feels good to have you here. Feel at home. -- HelmutLeitner

John, a belated but hearty welcome to Meatball, just detected your name by churning CommunityMarketing, adding the new Wikinomics perspective. I am going to visit your native wikis on the search for co-creating synergies. -- FridemarPache



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