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A CMS (Content Management System) which is a WikiEngine.


Feature list:


Slick demo site:


"Tiki is full featured content management system suited to many types of online communities. Features include news, topics, wiki, polls, trackers, image galleries, forums, blogs, webmail, and much more. Using PHP, MySQL? and Smarty."

Note that there is also another WikiEngine also called "Tiki". TikiWiki (the one this page is about) is usually referred to as just "tiki", so it is confusing.

Looks pretty neat -- check it out. I'm working with someone who thinks it might work well for their site. -- BayleShanks

Does everything you want. But by typical standards - it is not a wiki. And I checked half a dozen systems - they were all terrible slow (typical response time: 10-30 sec). Maybe a good place to look for features if you are a developer and want to extend your wiki into a forum or CMS. One should perhaps compare it to Zope / ZwikiClone. -- HelmutLeitner



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