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I joined MeatBall 2 years ago, and was somewhat active after that. I took a long break, and now I'm back here. I am a teenager located in Southern Nevada, in the United States. --JonasDaltonRand, October 2009

My views on UseRealNames: It is very important that we use real names on the InterNet, especially now that the WorldWideWeb has become more participatory in nature and risks are increased. All people must be held accountable for their actions. More importantly, it builds stronger trust in communities and a more common bond between people out here in CyberSpace. I will always trust someone who uses their real name over someone who does not.

(Re-) Welcome Jonas in Meatball, the community of community leaders and activists. -- FridemarPache

Thanks, Fridemar. I'm glad to be here again. --JonasDaltonRand


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