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Howdy. I am new to MeatballWiki.

I have an ongoing interest in online participatory networks, democratized innovation, and the novel applications of web technology. My interest stems from a belief in the power of emerging technology to encourage individual participation and stimulate cooperative value creation.

Looking for places to help contribute and practice the the WikiWay.

Site [Hopper Analytical], [Blog]

Welcome to Meatball, Keith. I'm curious as to what you mean by "democratized innovation". Do you mean technology that enables democratic systems on the web? Pages like VeniVidiVoti and VotingIsEvil might interest you in that case. Or do you mean some kind of democratic choice about who designs and adds new innovations to a wiki? -- ChrisPurcell

I mean democratized innovation as user-led innovation (see Eric Von Hippel's book, Democratizing Innovation[1]). Similar to open innovation and the pro-am movement. While I'm interested in the democratic principles of politics and decision-making, I am not compelled to bring these ideas to wikis, as I understand some of the potential pitfalls (and it has been attempted by far greater than me). I'm more interested in end user-driven, autonomous idea creation, design and manufacturing. As for relevance to wikis, take the concept of where wikis tap the encouraged participant and give them tools to contribute, express, and change, and apply this concept across mediums, towards different problems, and incorporating new, broader toolsets. As for specifically using wikis, I think adjusting the format, features, and protocols of wikis to better fit audiences and problem spaces would fall into my interest area (e.g. reputation systems, levels of editorial bureaucracy, blog integration, etc.).

"When I say that innovation is being democratized, I mean that users of products and services — both firms and individual consumers — are increasingly able to innovate for themselves." - Eric Von Hippel



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