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I've been working on building a place where a community can happen for a few months now.

<<<9/17/06>>> my efforts to create a community at coolheadz have been put on indefinite hold. if anyone is inspired to get involved, tho, I would prob be quickly stimulated to jump in, collaborate, help, build, everything. I do occasionally edit it and I do still think the content I've put up, plus some of Z'z content is valuable. I haven't listed with any search engines. would that help?

I have tons of ideas abot how wikis could organize knowledge as compared to how WikiPedia:'pedia does so these days, but I need visitors. any advice would be hugely welcome. any examples of people who have started a wiki lately, how they've attracted users, would be phenomenal. rock out.

You could take a look at some existing pages on MB, like SeedPosting and WikiCommunityBuilding. -- ChrisPurcell

Welcome to MeatBall, Kenn! Do you have a WikiMission for coolheadz? -- ChrisPurcell

hey, thanks. no explicit mission yet, tho there are a number of pages where I explore where I want to go, what I think is possible. (see [CW:KennCattell]. If I can find a way to attract some people, perhaps everyone can get in on the mission conversation.



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