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Failed pages (last known good version - last lost good version)

I restored whatever I thought was really important. -- SunirShah

Nothing valuable lost on MartinHarper - edit 227 was me fixing a link - redone.

from MartinHarper

Martin, what exactly is the matter with KeptPages? How are we supposed to refactor effectively if we cannot rely upon it? Sunir said something on Helmut's page about being upset about prose being forever gone because I wiped the IrcLionSunirDiscussion?. I thought everything was supposed to be reversible. What's up? What can we do to fix it? -Steve

We don't have enough memory on the server to load the history files. This happened after another domain on the same host blew the memory of the server, if I recall correctly, so they reduced the memory allotment of CGI scripts to something below tolerable. History files can get quite large though. The solution is to rewrite the history mechanism, but that is easier said than done. -- SunirShah


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