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KevinMitnick is one of the most well-known "hackers" (in the security-subverting sense). He was caught more than once, convicted, and finished a prison term.

One interesting point is that Mitnick often used "SocialEngineering" to gain access rather than relying on purely technical weaknesses.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of KevinMitnick's exploits is that they were so easy for a dedicated individual. A well-funded "professional" effort (like that of a hostile country) could probably do far more damage.

After prison, KevinMitnick was temporariliy supported by http://www.2600.com until they in turn were sued over DeCSS?. His [website]

Well, he's not free to touch a computer, that was part of his probation (well, maybe he is by now, i can't say i keep up on him :-).

Judging from this page's backlinks, it doesn't contribute much to the context of any existing discussion. And its content isn't really germane to Meatball as a whole (though a snippet might be safely grafted into SocialEngineering). It could prob'ly be deleted and the references de-linked.

This is an example of SocialDynamics?, no?


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