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Keep in mind, the story as it stands has no beginning yet. See the step sheet for ideas on how it should start.

Basic Themes: It is a strange new world.

Characters and Basic ideas about them:

A bit of a bumbler. He is useless in many adventures and situations, until the end. He is infatuated with Melody, but kept apart from her (usually by Monty). Naked, despite all efforts, until the very end of the story, which should read about like: ¡°Alfred pondered his new clothing as it hung from the tree-branch. ¡°I wonder what it will be like to wear clothing again?¡± he mused, ¡°Best wait until after my nap to find out¡±. And then he fell asleep.¡±

Important Objects:

Plot: Alfred is brought to this world from the Earth (by magic) because The Book (written in code) says that Alfred will save this world from ¡°The Darkness Within¡± which is something no one but Jorno fully appreciates (yet). The world is full of magical people, and strange things. It has a Lavender sky. Alfred is the ordinary man, placed in an extraordinary position who must overcome his blandness and be a hero.

Moral(s) of the Story: Size doesn¡¯t matter. The most bumbling fool can fail in everyday life; but, when the pressure is high, most people will do what they can to help, and may even be heroic about it.

Step Sheet

"Green", Alfred said to the milliner. This is a tribute to Ken's favorite movie The Big Lebowski, which has a scene which starts with "The Dude" saying the word "green"


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