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A democratic system in which most issues are decided by direct referendum. However, since no one has time for this, you can delegate your votes. Here's the cool part; you can delegate your votes on a certain topic to one person, and then delgate your votes on another topic to someone else. And delegations are transitive; you can delegate to someone who delegates to someone else, etc, in which case your votes will flow to whoever is at the end of the line. Of course, you can "un-delegate" at any time.

There are some example scenarios in the middle of this page


(the "main page" there is http://twistedmatrix.com/users/jh.twistd/python/moin.cgi/LiquidDemocracy)

See also Wiki:StoneSociety, another societal decision making scheme

See also NetConferencePlus, a software project which implements LiquidDemocracy.

See also VotingIsGood, VotingIsEvil


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