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LoriZ aka Lori Zapata aka N8CHZ aka zhc8n@oohay.ac is LorraineLee, hails from Detroit, Michigan aka Hockeytown

There is no enemy anywhere

Lori looked at the world, and thought about it, tried to find something good. Of course! Talking Cockroaches, very good indeed. And they were playing a gig right in front of Lori, which was nice. However, like all things, they had to finish. But there was still good stuff, as Lori was chatting with Talking Cockroaches and eating salt on Toast. Unfortunatley this must also end. Lori decided that if there was nothing else good, the universe was pointless. There would be more good things, Talking Cockroaches would play again, as would Youth in Asia. salt on Toast was readily available, and many black woodlouses could be found. So Lori lived for a bit more, with some good bits happening. Not forever of course, as Lori was not god, but long enough to rock good




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