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My name is Lyn Headley and my gender is male.

I'm a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, interested in science, technology and ethics. I was a professional software engineer for 8 years.

Hello Lyn, it would be a great pity, if you diminished into thin air. I first thought, you were a new member here and was going to give you an initial hearty welcome. After visiting [View other Revisions] I give you a hearty welcome now (because due to selective perception or a wiki sabbathical I wasn't aware of your activities here since 2002). I would love if you left at least your links to your activities here. Let's stay connected or even better, lets CreateAndShareWealth together, here in Meatball and beyond. -- FridemarPache

PS: Somewhere in the context of your contributions I found a free pdf-ebook: Google:SocialOriginsOfGoodIdeas

Hello Lyn your contributions are appreciated and welcome. I hope to see more :) -- AaronPoeze



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