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How'd you all come up with "meatball" for a name, anyway?!

Welcome to MeatBall, Mark! MeatballBackgrounder answers this question, and others.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do? What has drawn you to MB? -- ChrisPurcell

Hi, Chris, I was drawn to MeatBall Wiki because the name popped up on a couple of sites/wikis that I was at, so I Googled it and presto, here I am?! I'm interested in learning more about wikis and how they can be utilized. I remember learning about them a few years ago, but they didn't interest me too much because 1) they seemed kind of technical (geeky), and 2) not enough people were using/contributing so they weren't nearly as useful. Now, things seemed to have changed; users of wikis may have reached a critical mass where there are enough people using them. I'm interested in exploring any and all applications of wikis, as a teaching tool, news source, etc. I'm in New Orleans, I'm helping a "coworking" wiki out [[|Coworking]] CategoryHomePage

Nice to meet you, Mark! I contribute to Coworking wiki at times. Also experimenting with wiki and Coworking styel ideas with local pilot projects. I feel like you, that we are starting to approach a good amount of people who at least can grasp what wiki is and what it does. So, I am starting to feel more confidant about helping to foster the creation of wikis, and helping people learn how to use them. -- SamRose


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