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Welcome! I'm Matt Bowen. I came across wikis about a year ago, and I really like the concept and several of the executions. I'm primarily interested in creative works and the communities that consume/produce them. I'm also a Literary Theory geek and have a strong interest in narratology and reader response theory. To these ends, I have set up two Wikis: WriteHere and SoLaSI.

WriteHere is a space where people can contribute creative texts and allow others to shape and develop them. SoLaSI is a space for people to discuss the theory behind CollaborativeStoryWriting and CollaborativeCreativity? generally, as well as general Critical Theory. I realize that wiki and creative writing may not be compatible. However, I believe they are and I hope others will too. I am just getting fully running in terms of contributing to discussions thoughtfully, and I am always looking for feedback. Feel free to join in on the fun at WriteHere and SoLaSI -- there are a few texts already up and a few people have already contributed.

Other than writing, I have some knowledge of economics, semantics, and computer science. I speak English and a very little German, though hopefully that will be changing in the next 4 months.

Talk to Matt

Comments are both welcome and appreciated. Also, feel free to fix my spelling.



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