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WriteHere.net is a community for creative people and a project to learn about creative works. We hope to provide a home for the works that our community members produce and an infrastructure to aid people in creating and studying creative works. Since all works hosted on this website can be edited, all works here are collaborative. No work here is ever done either – any work hosted here at any time may be changed drastically (we do however keep backups of every version). Indeed, if you find a version of a work which you feels could be made better by drastic changes, we encourage you to copy the existing text, change it, and save it with a new title -- there is nothing wrong with having several contradictory versions of the same fiction. We look forward to hosting some of the best fiction in the world, and we firmly believe that some of the world's greatest works have been produced through collaborative effort.

Our Press Release:

DATELINE JULY 20, 2004 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 20, 2004 (The INTERNET). The Society of Lies and Stolen Ideas (www.solasi.org) is proud to announce the creation of a new internet community: WriteHere.net. WriteHere is a wiki community for creative writers and fiction readers. Membership and use are unrestricted and open to the public, and content is available under a Creative Commons license.

WriteHere.net is both a writing space and a community. It is a place where anyone can post a story, some poems, a title, a character, or anything else creative, and other people can edit and develop the posting. The community hopes to give the community a chance to help one another write and to provide a friendly community to those who only want to read, to those who want to work on their proofing skills, to those who translate, and to literary experimenters. You don't have to contribute an original work to contribute.

The community is focused on the development and exploration of both existing fictional media (e.g. Short Stories, Narrative Poetry, etc) and experimental avant-garde works (e.g. rhizomic texts, Hypertexts, etc). All submissions are welcome. To submit a work or an idea to the website, simply directly add it yourself, as explained at http://www.writehere.net/moin.cgi/StartHere. The site can be accessed at www.writehere.net. For questions, please contact Matt Bowen <mrbowen AT SPAMFREE umd DOT edu>.



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