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geographic information systems and services by profession, online communities by interest (BBS, lists, and now wikis), lurking from twiki.org, hailing from the Yukon, personal not-wiki not-blog not-static homepage at http://maphew.freeshell.org/
How come my name preference isn't saved? I'm not blocking cookies...

What browser, version, operating system, version, network, firewall, version, are you using?

Firebird 0.7, Win XP, unknown firewall; but all that may be moot. Today I am remembered. We'll see what happens tommorrow.

Welcome! Thanks for your words of encouragement. GIS in the Yukon? That's amazing! I think GIS is a really interesting field. Are you actually Canadian, or are you a "prospector" (or something similar?) from another country? If you are prospecting, do you come down to the annual Prospector's Conference in Toronto? -- SunirShah

Like, for sure, eh? :) Canadian as they come. It was a mighty pleasant surprise to discover you are too. There are a few of us about on the outernet. Theo de Raadt of Open BSD fame lived up here in the Yukon for awhile; his sister was in a few of my classes (not that either probably have clue who I am).

I've been up here since I was 6 months old (discounting a handful years outside for school and travels; I'm 33 now). I don't prospect but some of my family work in the mining field. I've spent a few summers grubbing in the mud for gold. There's more money in GIS. :) Some of my older stuff can be seen at http://polarcom.com/~patawi/GIS/ and http://www.polarcom.com/~patawi/matt/polargeo/

Good on ya', eh! So, what's the deal with your electoral system? How does an 8-person government work in the face of an 11-person opposition?

To tell you the truth, I don't know. I've heard people complain that we should never have moved to a party system; 30,000 constituents just aren't enough to sustain it. Accusations of patronage and conflict of interest are continual, getting in the way of getting things done. (however the charges often have more than a grain of truth to them. There aren't enough degrees of separation with such a small population base) I dunno myself because I don't remember the old way. We can get a hint by watching the NWT though.

(You have outedate/wrong numbers, it's currently a 12 seat majority government versus 6 in opposition [1].)

Checkout http://www.stigmergicsystems.com/ - Use ants and pheromone trails not databases and algorithms as a model for information organization. Feels like a kindred spirit to wiki.

Aye, see IncidentalCollaboration for more on stigmergy.



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