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These are books that are interesting to read in the context of Meatball. Hopefully they will enlighten us on our path to achieve the MeatballMission. Or at least be entertaining to read!

Ce sont des livres qui sont intéressants à lire dans le contexte de Meatball. En espérant qu'ils nous éclaireront sur notre chemin pour parvenir à la MissionMeatball. Ou au moins qu'ils soient amusants à lire !

BruceBethke (The guy who coined the term "CyberPunk")

GregEgan (Generally about mathematics, simulation and artificial life.)

WilliamGibson (Early CyberPunk -- the dark side of high technology. More young adult, "guns are cool" though.)

EricNylund (Weird and whacky sci-fi/CyberPunk.)

NealStephenson (About quality and technology.)

TadWilliams (A fantasy author who dipped into cyberpunk for long enough to create a fantasy VirtualReality.)

Other books:

See also HumanComputerInteractionBibliography, RelatedConferences, RelatedJournals, CategoryBook. En français voir DossierLivre


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