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Eventually, we would want to carefully design the by-laws for a meatball NonProfit corporation. But I wouldn't be averse to starting one before we did that anyway, as long as the board of directors were meatball folks, and agreed that the current by-laws were makeshift and that they wouldn't oppose switching to the "real" ones when they came (of course, they would be free to advocate the makeshift ones as their choice for the "real" ones, if that's what they wanted).

I don't, however, have time for the rigamarole of starting one (and I assume that Sunir would want it incorporated somewhere other than the U.S. anyhow), so I assume no one else has time either. Eventually, someone will have to visit a lawyer a few times and fill out a bunch of forms, and then I assume that there are new forms to be filled out and signed each year. I think all that stuff is the real cost of starting one of these.

Whoever ends up having to fill out that stuff should be paid a small salary for their trouble.

Btw, one of our criteria for choice of jurisdiction should probably be that we want to be able to do everything by phone, fax, and electronically. Some jurisdictions may require physical meetings or physical signatures by the board members for some things, which we can't afford.

Also, as for a MemberWiki, I think we should make it clear that membership in the NonProfit corporation is not a prerequisite for "membership" in MeatballWiki, if that even exists.

This is just writing down some stuff for later. I don't actually think it's worth it to start one yet. If all we need to do is pay for a server and domain name, I think we can manage that informally.

-- BayleShanks



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