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MetaCard by [MetaCard Corporation] is a HyperCard derivative in concept (there is even HyperCard import compatibility) with multiplatform capability. From its web site:

MetaCard 2.3 is supported on 68K and PPC Macintosh systems running MacOS 7.1 through 9.X. The Win32 engine runs on Windows 95, 98 and NT and Windows 3.1 systems with the Win32s library (see the README for installation instructions and a list of features not available under Win32s). Nine popular UNIX/X11 platforms are also supported: Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, DEC Alpha, SGI IRIS, HP-9000/700, IBM RS/6000, SCO ODT, BSD UNIX, Linux Intel, and LinuxPPC.

Card stacks can be written on one platform and run on another. Its programming script language is way beyond macros, with if-then-else, repeat and loops, switch-case, local and global variables, subroutines, function handles, and message-passing architecture.

MetaCard is used for training, online Help and tutorial systems, GUI prototyping, hardware applications, and offers an embedded version attachable to C or C++ applications. Stacks can also be converted to standalone packages with the stack integrated with the display engine.

MetaCard is fun to develop with, much like Perl-with-GUI, or PowerPoint-with-a-purpose.


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