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I love this place.

I discovered MeatballWiki in 2006 while I was working for the Daily News of Longview, Wash., and founding tdn.com/townsquare, an online community that eventually forked over to [cowlitzforum.info]. Though I never joined your community, its site was a big help, a needed companion and a formative experience. Thank you.

I'm a journalist by trade and inclination. In 2010 I founded [another wiki-based community] in my home town, Portland, Ore. As you read this, it may or may not still be in the SeedPosting phase.

I'm a contributor to [PortlandWiki], and honored to know folks like MarkDilley through that community.

I'm skeptical of MeatballWiki's version of TheOneTrueWikiWay?. If I think a wiki is the best way to deliver my own content, while allowing occasional edits by others, isn't that okay?

Even so, I really value the wisdom and arguments here.

I sometimes have NoRespectForHistory. Because I tend to be reticent, this is sometimes the only thing helping me BeBold?.

Welcome Michael in Meatball -- FridemarPache


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