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Mark easily won the "friendliest face of WikiSym" award. Thank you for your kindness. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut, it was a pleasure to be around so many wonderful people, and finally really good to meet you, thank you.

=== Micro-Micro Weblog===

I feel with you. Being not yet a competent p2p chat partner myself,
I can only amplify the wish for a chat with a DiigoClipThisPage
On the DiigoService we as a community effort can archive infos in many ways to reduce the risk of possible disasters.
-- FridemarPache

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May 6, 2005
Thinking more about tags and categories.. http://flickr.com/help.gne#37

April 26, 2005
Something that has been stirring in my mind for the last several weeks... I've talked to friends and it seems that we kind of have a similar characteristic. Nearly all of my friends are starters. We start things, and build them. It has been a pretty amazingly interesting discovery.

April 15, 2005

Ponder more on what it means to strive for RadicalInclusiveness, maybe I need to learn more about ColdBlanket's.

Re-found this on SunirShah's page:
"What I most want in life is to do the right thing. To do good things and be known as being good. I feel a duty to preserve and improve the society I live in for those who come after me. At the same time, I feel that it is necessary to check those who wish to unravel it for selfish or negative reasons. I've found that online [many people] are still living out their high school traumas. These people often consider a lack of social skills to be a virtue; they create NeedlessConflict??s which drain me of energy. If I have to, I can build my own house, and if some people want to be the nails, they'll sure as punch get hammered. However, what I crave is BarnRaising. I prefer working with people who enjoy working with others, who are positive, supporting, cooperating, energizing, interesting, contributing, respectful, dutiful, and good. Even the dreariest work becomes fun when done in the company of friends.

I made Meatball to attract the technically inclined who value and respect people. "People and people and computers and people." What's hard to understand about that? After a long time wandering the desert, I think the only answer for my life is to keep building Meatball bigger. Make a career out of it, some good friends, and a little peace of mind."

It is so true of my work in MeatSpace as well.

April 3, 2005

HierarchicalFolksonomy? is DavidWeinberger? definition of the new wiki project: [Consumerpedia] (found via http://blog.consumerpedia.org/2005/03/early_birds.html)

April 2, 2005

Another BarnRaising thought. What if a project started of taking a weblog post and comments and refactoring them to a wiki page? We just started to find some signal lead weblog posts and wikified them. Obviously the copyright issue needs to be thought about...

March 26, 2005

[Think of it as an audio wiki or time-shifted unmoderated call-in show.]

March 17, 2005

I don't understand why I can't edit the spammed MeatballWiki and FairSoftware.

They make several edits, adding less than five links at a time. You are trying to revert more than five links of changes at a time. I've changed the ShotgunSpam filter so it doesn't protect against link removal attacks. -- SunirShah

February 25, 2005

Maturity is pretty easy to identify. How to encourage OnlineMaturity? while not having a meatspace relationship, is it impossible? Found interesting pieces of this in TrustButVerify. Some other pages seemed to have this idea as well...

February 24, 2005

Trying to communicate that I dodn't understand why certain words were used. I agree with the deletion. Not sure why MattisManzel gave out the award. That is what I was trying to convey with "Think about giving out Barn Stars" - not sure why he gave it out so quick. Confused, Mark

February 19, 2005

The best wiki tutorial yet! A ScreenCast?, similar to a PodCast?, but for software, maybe even SocialSoftware.

January 22, 2005

''Hi, sorry for the delay in replying; I wanted to write back myself, and it's taking me a little while to dig out from the emails we got. :) Wikis may want to use nofollow for anonymous or untrusted editors. Once an editor or a link is approved, then the link would get full weight though. We'd like to get the full value of wiki links, but we've definitely seen wikis get spammed by malicious people as well.

Best wishes,
Matt Cutts''

January 19, 2005

more on wikipedia - http://users.resist.ca/~moak47/journal/index.php?title=review_of_wikipedia_criticism

January 17, 2005

was unable to edit - EditThisPagePHP - trying to just link to screen shots page??

Must be the ShotgunSpam filter. Try adding 3 links at a time. Sorry, I need to put in a warning screen. -- SunirShah
Thanks for the clarification Sunir

December 28, 2004

[RachelStruthers] has a WikiSpamBot? blocker patch in her UseMod code, [AddTheLinksTest] page.

MeatballWiki has a similar patch as described on ShotgunSpam.

December 18, 2004

http://www.jotspot.com/ is attempting to be a more user friendly wiki system - in beta

I offered to review JotSpot for Meatball but they declined as I work for their competitor. Nonetheless, it's not really the case that JotSpot is attempting to be a more user-friendly wiki. They are rather trying to be a more user-friendly Twiki / LotusNotes. While Twiki has wiki elements to it, Twiki is way more than a wiki as we all know. -- SunirShah

Sunir, thanks for the input. I have never used LotusNotes, I had heard that there was much FeatureCreep? and that was a thought when looking at JotSpot.

December 17, 2004

http://pyro.buildtolearn.net/misc/posting.swf to me is about why thread forums are awful. I do like the presentation and was wondering if anyone thought it might be a good idea to creat something like this for wiki?

December 14, 2004

Seems as if my page on YpsilantiEyeball? was specifically targeted for one massive [chinese wiki spam] - does it look that way to others? It is kinda interesting. Some of the wikis I use are not on the figuring out how to deal with WikiSpam train. It is all manual, which is kinda like the Wobblies and their belief that automatic dues check off is a sure way to get to business unionism, so the idea is to keep it real and true by collecting dues each month, one person at a time. With these wikis, which don't have any fancy tech, it is all manual, real wiki.
Note to self to check out NonProfit and http://meatballsociety.org/cgi-bin/management

November 20, 2004

a critique of wikipedia: http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/000060.html

Mark: Thanks for posting this. I found it quite intersting given the problems I have seen at WardsWiki too and my on-going ponderings about what could be done to improve these situations. At the very least, I plan to consider some of these points in the context of the WikiPediaIsNotTypical page that exists here. Regards, -- HansWobbe.

June 7, 2004

Sunir, you really are an online inspiration! The way you can understand online issues is wonderful. It is awesome the work you have done to grow this wiki. I am confident that this community can figure out how to work this, especially with you here! ;-) - Sunir... you ROCK!

June 6, 2004

UseMod:JerryMuelver has a scoop on the recent wiki spamming

June 5, 2004

Implement an IP killfile.

May 27, 2004

May 20, 2004

May 13, 2004

Running into a project on the web from a group of grad students in New Zealand. Looks interesting, they use a RecentChanges grouped together or seperate: http://www.elvis.ac.nz/brain?VuwWikis

April 5, 2004

I am excited about the ideas in WelcomePattern?, and I hope it will continue to lead us in a PostiveGrowthPattern? that others could learn from. (p.s. I am not fond of PatternRitual? as a meme, I rather like my mistake - WelcomePattern?)

April 1, 2004 -- Just wanted to make sure folks knew about this conference:

[Wicked Wiki Rhetoric: How Fast, How Far]

Chair: James Inman, University of South Florida, Tampa

Joe Moxley, University of South Florida, Tampa, "Wicked and Not So Wicked Wikis"

Matt Barton, University of Tampa, FL, "The Wiki as a Panoption"

M.C. Morgan, Bemidji State University, MN, "Notes toward a Rhetoric of Wiki"

Mike Palmquist, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, "WAC(Y) [Writing Across the Curriculum] Wikis"

And the conference is CCCC (College Composition and Communication). It was in San Antonio last week.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

As for using a TourBusPointing? system pointing to Meatball such as a TourBusStopLocator? page that we placed on wikis in various states of repair. - this is part of the idea of RadicalInclusiveness, we could go out there and invite all the wiki people to participate in some online conference, or something-something and really has out somethings - like WikiEngines, CommonCode?, etc, etc. I wonder that if we don't do some organizing and take control more of wiki, that something like TheSeptemberThatNeverEnded will happen. I believe some think the damage has already started to occur. (:-) and I may add, some feel me to be part of that damage! :-)

Monday, March 1, 2004
RadicalInclusiveness as it relates to - It's about barriers to entry, not power laws [via.KevinMarks]

Friday, January 2, 2004

Saturday, October 25, 2003''

The need to define WikiStructure?

Change EditTextOfThisPage? to simpiler EditThisPage

LearnAbout? ThisCommunity?

LearnAbout? WikiStructure?

LearnAbout? EditThisPage

WikiWord (CollectiveWords? or CollectiveMemes?) become just like single words like in a dictionary.

ProjectFor? WikTionary?
Adding CollectiveWords? or CollectiveMemes? to the dictionary.:Wow the posiblitles for searching, decide if you would like standard dictionary or a full wiktionary.
The ability to create a page if your search in WikTionary? (for your pattern) was not already a WikiWord.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Sunday, Septemper 14, 2003

So I was telling my friends this and it felt clearer then before I had ever said it. So I am talking about wikis, but in a drastic new sense. they can be virtually anything. virtually anyone can create a meme and others can link two it.

Anyway I just got online after 12 of 14 hours running the InternetCafe? and sleeping and working till now and I see that Lion has posted somemore on the meme that I have been excited about with ErnstGruber and a few other people. I can't look at it now Lion, but I am excited by your post! Till soon - Best, MarkDilley

Saturday, September 13, 2003

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Sunday, June 29, 2003

You are definitely being trolled. I suggest doing what we do here at MeatballWiki: Make a single page for this person's comments, and move them all there. In that way, you prevent a ForestFire. -- StephenGilbert -- thanks Stephen

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Sure, but aren't they advocating instead going for Wiki:RavioliCode? --ss

Yes, it seems they are, thanks for the link, it was extremely useful in my understanding code a lit bit more. It sounds to me that you dislike Wiki:RavioliCode? no? --md

My strength as a programmer is that my style is every style. I don't dislike ravioli if it is appropriate; but like any extreme, it isn't appropriate very often. See also Wiki:RavioliWiki. --ss

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Friday, April 18, 2003

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Friday, March 30, 2003

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Monday, March 3, 2003

Saturday, February 8, 2003

Monday, January 27, 2003 -- I will invite them here then.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Friday, January 24, 2003

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Sunday, January 19, 2003

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Saturaday, December 7, 2002
Tired, just got back from Champaign Urbana Illinios, we won a union election there on Wednesday night, 1188 to 347. good hard work. then got back into Ann Arbor and the folks I had been working with at Borders store #1 won their election yesterday 51-4. good week for the labor movement. Happy to be back online, it was hard to not have regular access or the time to be online.

Pre Saturaday, December 7, 2002
goto YpsiEyeball?:MarkDilley


2005-12-1: just leave messages here, reverse cronological order, best, mark

[2] for how to change the main page in MediaWiki. --SeanFennel

ChicagoHumanist has re-opened (Though you have to enter the admin password that's at the bottom of the page to be able to edit it. Nevertheless, I think it can go back into the eclectic tour

I've laid out the MediaWiki tour you suggested I set up. Will that work? BTW, I don't particularly care where HomestarRunnerWiki (or HRWiki, as we abbreviate it) goes in the eclectic tour, though first would rock! --SeanFennel

Mark, as a general rule, don't send immature teenager wiki vandals onto other wikis. That's not very neighbourly! (Although I suspect that you didn't realize.) -- SunirShah

Mark, I've to pass a similar request from Walter's TolkienWiki with respect to JonThompson?, who tried to open film fan pages there, which is clearly OT. They consider it rude that an obvious troublemaker is just sent on. Perhaps we all should be more careful when we send people, especially if they don't look desirable. -- HelmutLeitner

Maybe you might be interested in articulating some Patterns on welcoming newcomers? (vs. OutcastNewcomer) You seem to be better at that than I am. -- SunirShah

Yes Sunir, I have been thinking a bit about some patterns, and have random stuff above. One of my issues to work through is ExpertModel? stuff, meaning I place you on a pedestal and forget that you are human sometimes. (I do this with "strong" personalities) Thus getting overly critical at times, not thinking about the consequences. My apologies. There is no other place I would rather be than at MeatBall, and that is in a great part your doing. Best, Mark

In MeatSpace, ExpertModel? vs OrganizingModel? is something I think of often in context of my job.


Top down
Dependent on individual solutions
Dehumanizing, too much pressure on individuals


Trickle up
Collective solutions focused.
Empowering, spreading power

Mark, it's great to have you here again. Missed you. -- HelmutLeitner
Thanks Helmut. I appreciate that. I think I am back for at least the holdiay season. :-)

Hello Mark, HelmutLeitner send me to you, talking about a busstop on your route through eclectic wikis on my GeboGebo wiki. Perhaps you could review the entry on the WikisInNeedForBusConnections and make a wise decision (-: Thanks, Thomas

I answered you at GeboGebo concerning a missing tourbus stop page. Perhaps you could re-read it. Thanks in advance, Thomas

It would have been better to have waited two weeks until the person disappeared. DissuadeInteraction. -- SunirShah
Another way for me to think about telling someone about this might be: You might consider DissuadeInteraction when you deal with interactions similar to this one.
Sunir, does that get the same message across, or did I miss something?

Mark, noticed you dropped by to tweak the [ChicagoHumanist:TourBusStop] tonight. I couldn't tell what you did there. Drop me a note at [ChicagoHumanist:TedErnst] when you get a chance? peace, TedErnst Excellent. Thanks. I have a skype account but I've only used it once. I can't use it during the day at work so am not often signed on. After getting that account, I also signed up for an FWD account, you know, open source and all that. My number there is 605997. If I have that running, it also answers my skype, I think. I think my skype id is just my name. In fact, I think my fwd also answers my yahoo messenger. I'm chicagoted there. peace, Ted FWD is open source VOIP so there are lots of ways to hook into it. I'm using http://www.pulver.com/fwd/
Bummer Ted! It isn't cross platform yet. :-( -- Best, Mark

Mark, have you (or someone else you agree with) written somewhere why you're recommending WikiSym and why you're going yourself? --TedErnst
No I haven't, but it is the first wiki conference!!! But looks like you are going despite the heavy price. -- MarkDilley
Yes, I'm going mostly because of Brandon, but also because of all the other great people that will be there. Not sure how much interest the sessions will hold for me. Maybe you'll find me playing hopscotch in the lobby! :-) -- TedErnst

Thank you for writing such interesting things. -- DavidCary


I saw your name associated with SwitchWiki. I am looking for wikis focusing on "Application development (those involving teams for internal use)", and in particular, those that have MicrosoftDotNet? focus. I did not seem to find these in SwitchWiki. Do you have suggestions re: where to look? -- DavidLiu 9May05

Hi David, I am not sure, but have you checked http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiForumsCategorized - or http://channel9.msdn.com/wiki/default.aspx/Channel9.DotNetFeedback to find one. I am sure I have seen one. Thought it was at SwitchWiki. Will keep an eye out. Best, Mark

Mark, got your message re: Tour BusManagement and would love to learn more. I'm pretty busy [3] but willing to help a bit if I can. Email works best for me (sam at greenmuseum.org)- Thanks! -- SamBower

Thanks for the welcome, Mark! -- TedErnst

Ideas from a friend, new-ish to wiki: "This morning I met myself in a phone booth and I and I had a conversation with God." This is not true. Actually it's total nonsense. Mark, please remind me to return to our discussion about UnintelligentDesign? and various sundry topics: EvilWiki?, BadWiki?, DeviantWiki?, WrongWayWiki? (!), ImaginaryWiki?, CrankySpies?, FuckShitUp?. Thanks for listening...CG

April 24, 2003. I'm giving you a much belated BarnStar for your devoted effort to contruct the TourBus system. -- SunirShah
September 9, 2003. For helping Ernst find a place for his PeaceWiki? idea. -- SunirShah

Quote from SunirShah -So edit it. I haven't reached nirvana yet; I am not transcendently detached! It's too bloody cold in Canada to wander around naked in the forest. -- SunirShah

Quote from Wiki:SunirShah -That's it, I figured. I'm going to build a community. Not only that, a community that builds communities. And damn us if we don't change the world.

Quote from an Amish man -We don't stop with asking what a tool does. We ask about what kind of people we become when we use it.

Quote from Wiki:UtahPhillips - ...get together and organize. Which is to say - learn how to get things done together that we can't get done alone. That's all a union was intended to be.

<Dubiosity Start> As far as I can tell from the RC history, Fridemar deleted your page in temporary frustration at the anti-spam filter (some URL on it was being blocked), and it never got restored. Fortunately, we haven't purged the database in a looooong time, so I was able to grab the content back exactly. Hope you didn't spend too much time trying to restore it from the HTML cache! -- ChrisPurcell

Dear Mark, dear Chris, I am very surprised to find this shocking notice. I am sure, that it was not the real Fridemar, who "deleted your page". You do me wrong, that is totally not my style. Since the dawn of wikis, I promoted the idea of friendly Wiki:EditHint s, . Again one reason more to use a DomainBasedRealName and document all wiki contributions by public snapshots via WikiBlogging, WikiPosting, WikiMailing?, WikiArchiving?, Diigo annotations. From the friendly interactions with both of you, I suppose, that this never seen entry must be very old or faked, to defame "fridemar", so that I take only a private snapshot of this block of text, marked with "<Dubiosity Start>...<Dubiosity End>" and suggest to remove it in the sense of mutual help.

-- [fridemar] <Dubiosity End>


"'RadicalInclusiveness at 1:47:05 PM (1 change) . . . . . MarkDilley Is there a better way to state evilness?" Mark, what the fuck does that even mean? Hit me up. promdates@gmail.com

Mark, motivated by TedErnst, I left a comment for you at: http://www.aboutus.org/UniversalWikiEditButton#Good_Enough_For_Version_0.1, mirrored on my blog -- [fridemar]

Mark, I left a comment about WikiIndex at CommunityWiki:MarkDilley .

Hi Mark, I want to found a TourBus "International Civil Rights Tour" what number should I use? And I want to add our Wiki to the MediaWiki Tour too, Best Regards, WolfPeuker from http://wiki.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/TourBusStop

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GregoryVarnum -- Mon Aug 8 05:14:35 2011

I like the idea of the "International Civil Rights Tour" and was also hoping to add WikiQueer to the Eclectic Wiki Tour if possible...

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