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Novels read recently

These notes were written in Finnish, but translated to English because of the request of HelmutLeitner

W. Somerset Maugham (1963) Veitsen terällä. Helsinki: Otava. (The Razor's Edge)
One of the numerous unread books in my bookself.I opened it more or less by accident and to my surprise, it was good. Maybe my image of Maugham was totally wrong, I have to check out some other texts, too. Reminds me of Hesse (!), but he is not taking himself so seriously. (10.12.2004)

Vasili Grossman (1993) Kaikki virtaa (Forever Flowing)
I have read this novel in 1997, but then I did not catch the importance of it. The story was written in 1963, a year before Grossman passed away, and compared to other Soviet novels on that time, it is amazing. This was written ten years before Solzenitsyn published his great book about gulag, but has the same strenght. (2.1.2005)




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