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Essentially, you've got three behaviors at KuroShin (k5):

What's the goal? Maximize content quality. To that end, KuroShin implements a number of user moderation systems. Since some SourcesOfConflict include MeaningConfusion?, we begin with clarifying definitions of the systems.

Story rating
The cumulative result of voting -1, 0, or +1 on a story. This value determines whether to delete the story, post it to a section, or post it to the front page of KuroShin.

Comment rating
Any user can rate any comment replying to a story from 0 to 5; this value is akin to movie or restaurant ratings, i.e. think "4 star movie". The comment rating is the average of all the ratings for the given comment. The ratings are used to sort the comments in terms of worth so TheAudience can quickly get the wheat without wading through all the chaff.

Mojo is a magic number calculated from comment ratings used to determine trustability of a user. Specifically, it is not the comment ratings.

We will ignore story rating mostly in this discussion, although it will crop up. Now, since Mojo and comment rating are connected, riding on each rating are the following functions:

Essentially, the comment rating system is trying to resolve the following forces:

And of course,

Everything in moderation, even moderation. -- James Hilton, Lost Horizon (1923)

To that end, there are a number of KuroshinRatingIssues and a consequent number of KuroshinRatingSuggestions.

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Slashdot Karma vs. Scoop Mojo

Mojo shares many of these attributes, but modifies the convergence rule: it is short-term convergent (in the short term, more moderations tend to converge toward a value), but weighted toward recent activity. It also does not convey special privileges in posting comments (e.g.: boosted score).

Slashdot karma allows 'whores' to accumulate a quantity which is not immediately responsive to current behavior, which tends to reinforce the score (more highly moderated posts tend to get more moderation, moderation score is not independent of number of moderators, quite contrary), and abusive behavior becomes possible. While it's possible to get an elevated K5 status, it takes continued effort to keep it.



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