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This is my initial concept of the categories of pages which would comprise a good newswiki;

 * Time-based (day/week/month/year/decade); Brief summaries of the
    news items of the day/week/whatever.

 * Sections; broad, persistent areas of news - politics, war,
    media, etc

 * Threads; this is where most of the actual content would reside.
    A "thread" would represent a discrete story; the Washington
    Sniper, the US 2002 mid-term elections, the UK Tory leadership
    uncertainty of Autumn 2002.

-- JasonWilliams

I would love to see a wiki variant used for reporting/discussing news. I feel that the single thing most lacking is a filtering system. See RatedChangeAggregator for more on why, and for what I propose.

-- BayleShanks

See also TimeStream. TimeStream is a visionary idea for how cultures should deal with news information. This page is about something that would be a wiki or a wiki derivative for news. So, this page is confined to wiki-like things, and is less visionary than TimeStream.

See also WikiLog. A WebLog is chronologically ordered, and hence seems appropriate for news. However, a WebLog, and a WikiLog, can be used for more than just conveying news (for example, they can convey personal ideas or be used for general discussions). By contrast, this page is specifically about a tool for transmitting news.


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