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The NooSphere is a predicted next evolutionary step in the development of life, a kind of globalized thinking and consciousness.

The term NooSphere was coined in 1922 by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881–1955) as part of his philosophy and his intention to bridge evolutionary science and christian worldview.

The IT system

[Noösphere] (diaeresis optional) is the ContentManagementSystem? used by [PlanetMath]. Very close to wiki in the collaborative and interlinked nature but with a much stronger authority model: [Noosphere's Authority Model]. This model is meant to be better oriented in the direction of producing high quality documents then the traditional wiki one.

It is in public domain (if I understand the licence well) — so no restrictions to use it.

You could implement the Noosphere authority model socially, rather than having to do it technically. For example, you might just write "Page owner: FredSmith" at the bottom of the page, and ask non-owners to make non-trivial suggestions via a CommentPage. This allows for much more fluid handling of orphaning, which seems to be a weakness in Noosphere.

I must admit that's a great point. This social implementation should really work for the ownership, but I don't think CommentPage can replace a good forum — forum usage is so different from wiki that emulation via simple indentation is not enough.

Yes. ThreadingForWiki has problems.


LionKimbro: I've tried to do some research into VladimirVernadsky?'s use of the term "Noosphere," but this research is troubled by the language barrier -- I haven't found anything yet that is translated into English, and costs less than $100 on Amazon. What is clear is that the Russian Cosmists (of which VladimirVernadsky? was a contributor) have a defensible claim to the term, or at the very least, the idea.



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