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Formerly http://www.nupedia.com

Nupedia was an OpenContent, peer-reviewed encyclopedia project. Its editor was WikiPedia:user:Larry_Sanger, but on April 1, 2002 he resigned on good terms, leaving the project in stasis. The site has been down since September 2003 and its future is unclear.

NuPedia's primary legacy is the founding of WikiPedia, which started as a side project of Nupedia. Nupedia published 20+ articles, and these were copied into Wikipedia. There were about 150 articles in progress, but Nupedia did not license articles under the GNU Free Documentation License until they were completed.

WikiPedia:Wikipedia:Nupedia_and_Wikipedia suggests, perhaps erroneously, that articles in progress are licensed under the GFDL

The remains of Nupedia are now part of the WikimediaFoundation.



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