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OpenGuides is a project to build wiki guides to cities, started in February 2002. It uses a custom wiki engine based on Wiki:CgiWiki and heavily metadata-enabled (every page contains ResourceDescriptionFramework data), to provide the kind of database necessary to store information relevant to city guides. It is FreeSoftware available from Wiki:TheCpan.

Similar in spirit to WikiTravel, OpenGuides differs in that whilst WT is focused on providing a guide to the world for travellers, OG attempts to document entire cities, mainly by and for the residents in addition to visitors. However, interaction with WikiTravel is welcome and encouraged.

The project does not centrally administer each OpenGuides site; that is down to the people who set up the guide in question. However, it does encourage OpenContent, and several site in the network use the CreativeCommons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

There is a wiki for the OpenGuides development group at http://dev.openguides.org/ .

See also WikiTravel, TravellersPoint, WorldSixtySix, WikiVoyage

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