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Is OpenKnowledge like OpenContent?

One could look at knowledge similar to content: there is

but that would make a shallow definition, because knowledge or information in general can't be protected easily. Only if you put it in a special form (a song, a book, a technical device) one can compare and logically derive that knowledge has been used in a way protected by law.

Is OpenKnowledge transparent knowledge from OpenProcess?

I think that knowledge is like a (software) product. You may get it and use it without knowing its internals (e = m * c^2). But the really interesting thing - the one that gives you power and joy - is the ability to understand and refactor knowledge and to create new knowledge.

The best way to aquire this ability is to look into knowledge: How did they arrive there? What were the alternatives? What were the theories that were tried and failed? Why did they fail? What are the limiting conditions for this knowledge?

So OpenKnowledge is a presentation of knowledge that provides all - or at least a maximum of - the whys and hows and allows any type of questioning and discussion.

OpenKnowledge deviates from the traditional way to use a wiki aiming at refactored knowledge in the form of articles or dissertations. Nevertheless it seems that a wiki is the ideal system to provide and grow OpenKnowledge.

OpenProcess is part of the answer of achieving OpenKnowledge.

MeatballWiki has a tradition of saving old discussions for their historical value. A good example is the history of KeptPages. See VersionHistory for the ForwardIndex.


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