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What is Open Space-OnlineĀ®?

It is an Internet conferencing method. The conference takes place in successive phases, with between 5 and 75 persons simultaneously working on a major subject that is current and important to them.

The participants work together in a goal and solution-oriented manner for about two to eight hours. No external online moderator is needed. A virtual facilitator guides all participants through the conference process.

The participants themselves are the experts. They meet because of a shared interest in a major theme, and together they develop new ideas and solutions based on their knowledge, questions, suggestions and dedication.

At the end of every Open Space-OnlineĀ® conference, each participant receives, at the press of a button, complete documentation about the conference in a convenient HTML-format. This provides an ideal basis for further work, as it contains all contents, results, and arrangements made during the conference and can be immediately used in either digital or printed form.

The complete and fully developed conference system is available in German and English.

For further information please go to http://www.OpenSpace-Online.com Gabriela Ender Open Space-Online GmbH? - The Power of People Resselsteig 30, 12209 Berlin, Germany mailto:contact@OpenSpace-Online.com phone: +49 30 772 31 69 fax: +49 30 77 39 20 21


Again, this is a tool developed by a wonderful OpenSpaceTechnology facilitator - useful for when folks cannot get together face-to-face. LisaHeft


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