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In June 2003 I started with Earthlink. I'm managing a team of sysadmins who take care of servers in Earthlink's Pasadena data center.

Up until January 2002, I worked at CNN.com on the technical/operations side. For a while I ran a development group for the CNN Sports Illustrated [1] and NASCAR [2] sites. From 96-00 I ran the CNN "web farm" group which does all the servers and networks for the CNN/Turner family of websites, which included http://cnn.com, http://cnnmoney.com, http://cartoonnetwork.com, http://hbo.com, http://tbssuperstation.com, and piles of other smaller sites.

I spent May 2002 to May 2003 working for Georgia Tech on BuzzPort, Tech's "campus portal."

I also have a [weblog]


My sons love your network. Specifically http://cartoonnetwork.com/ --DaveJacoby



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