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I'm a geek. A fairly happy geek, although I don't bounce off the walls with joy. I used to work at a medical clinic, but they decided they need lawyers more than programmers. By the way, VMSMustDie?. I'm by instinct a perl fan, an unix fan and a web geek. I am a member and former officer of my LinuxUserGroup. I am married with 3 children. I am a graduate of the ComputerScience department of Purdue University. I work for the Purdue Genomics Core as a SysAdmin. (I work!)

It's been too long since I've been around here. Hi, all!

Have I mentioned that I like [Google]? I do. It really works well.

Hey, I spent 3 years growing up in Goldsboro (ca. '87 to '90), while my dad worked at Wayne Memorial Hospital. No purpose to this comment, just a friendly "me too". :-) -- ScottMoonen

Cool Dogs! I went to Eastern Wayne HS then. 1985 to 1987 (December of 1987, halfway through senior year.) Every once and a while I go to Carolina in my mind.

I clicked [Change Me] and I got really, really small. Then I clicked [Drink Me] ... oh, never mind... --TedErnst

Some links:


Some Wiki words I'm interested in:

[CategoryPervasiveComputing] [CategoryOnlineCommunity]

ArtificialIntelligence CellPhone ClientServer ClosedSource CarryingGadgets CognitiveScience ComputerScience ConversationalAgent? CyberPunk DailyMe DigitalCash DistributedComputing EditThisPage FifthGeneration FreeSoftware FunctionalAgent GraphicalShellScripting HandwritingRecognition HomeAutomation InformationTheory InstantMessaging IntelligentAgent KioskComputer LinuxOS? LinuxUserGroup ManiLa MetaWiki OnlineCommunity OpenSource PalmOS PeerToPeer PerlProgramming? PervasiveComputing PointingDevice InformationSecurity PublicKeyCryptography PublicKeyInfrastructure SmartAgent SmartCard? StupidAgent TrustedSystem TrustedWikis UnifiedRecentChanges VoiceRecognition WearableComputing WebAdvertising WebOfTrust WebWeb WorseIsBetter XmlRpc

Some Books I Need, or Need to Read:

CryptoBook?, StevenLevy? ISBN 0670859508 (alternate, search)
HackersBook?, StevenLevy? ISBN 0141000511 (alternate, search)
I read this book years ago, when I was a student getting my journalism degree. It is one of many things that lead me to believe I should've gone CS (or EE or CompE?) the first time around.
HowBuildingsLearn, StewartBrand ISBN 0140139966 (alternate, search)
ThePracticeOfProgramming?, BrianKernighan? and RobPike? ISBN 020161586X (alternate, search)
CodeAndOtherLawsOfCyberspace, LawrenceLessig ISBN 0465039138 (alternate, search)
I think I'm approaching 2 years in my attempt to read this thing.
CommunityBuildingOnTheWeb, AmyJoKim? ISBN 0201874849 (alternate, search)
Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years, Bruce Sterling ISBN 0679463224 (alternate, search)

And when they're done, I list them here:

SecretsAndLies, BruceSchneier ISBN 0471253111 (alternate, search)
WeavingTheWeb, TimBernersLee ISBN 006251587x (alternate, search)
TheCodeBook, SimonSingh? ISBN 0385495323 (alternate, search)
Very nice for explaining the history and getting some of the icky bits into your head

AppliedCryptography, BruceSchneier ISBN 0471117099 (alternate, search)
The key think you should understand about cryptography is that there are primitives, such as PublicKeyEncryption, SymmetricKeyEncryption?, hashing and the like, which are assembled into Protocols. This book got me to understand it that way, and things got understandable once you can break it up like that.

Some Collected Links:

[RFC:2068 HTTP/1.1]

Recurring Definitions:


I found a speech by TimBernersLee on the SemanticWeb on Dr. Dobbs Journal. I've been listening to it over and over again, and I'm getting it more. Some of it is needlessly complex, some of it is needfully complex (Things should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler) and I'm getting the general concept. I'm less sure on the specifics of it, and I've heard complaints about the processes and the standards (recommendations) that come out of it. (Perhaps if I liked AmayaBrowser? better, I'd feel better about the WorldWideWebConsortium.)

Crypto Links

Dave, I just have to say. FREAKING AWESOME! I love the UnifiedRecentChanges! -- SunirShah

Perl And Stupid Agents

Perl Perl Basics Flow Control Basic Modules

Stupid Agents

http://csociety.org/~jacoby/Portal/?gb=yes&line=yes&source=my_crontab.pl#1 http://csociety.org/~jacoby/Portal/?gb=yes&line=yes&source=my_crontab.pl#handle_rss

Where I got my idea for using agents [1]

my_crontab.pl, the main driver for my Portal ::[2] ::[3]
Links are bad, will fix soon.

CNN popup HTML to XML script (Good example of HTML::Parser) ::[4]
Has since been replaced by CNN actually having RSS feeds

Sorry to hear about the job, Dave. Are you headed in the right direction for a new one, or is the job market difficult where you are? -- ChrisPurcell

Well, like I said, it's been too long since I've been here. I just celebrated the one-year anniversary of the layoff, and I've had a job for a while, but it hasn't been a computing job. So, fairly difficult, I guess. It seems that central Indiana isn't the hotbed for programmers.... -- DaveJacoby

Dave, welcome back! Have you thought about working over the Internet? The Internet is turning out to be quite the hotbed for programmers. -- SunirShah

I'm amenable, but the problem is that I don't know where to look for that kind of thing. Sources I've seen say that 70% of tech jobs are found through networking, and nobody I know is looking for someone.

See EfficiencyVersusSecurity


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