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[This idea is still under development, but comments are welcome on PersonalCategoriesDiscussion.]

PersonalCategories is an approach to wiki categories and filtering that could give most of the benefits of ViewPoint but be much simpler to implement. The basic idea is that individuals or groups could claim part of a category namespace, and be very free to label any wiki pages using that namespace.

(PersonalCategories are not intended for the C2 wiki. The community there is relatively conservative, and may not want to make such large changes. Still, the C2 wiki is well worth studying for its problems and solutions.)

Currently, categories on the C2 wiki have several problems:

PersonalCategories (just "categories" below) are based on a few ideas:

One way to look at the difference between content-based categories and metadata-based PersonalCategories is to compare a live musical performance to a radio broadcast. The current content-based categories are like a performance--they occupy space and are difficult to ignore if one is within that space. Multiple performers (multiple categories) may conflict within the same space.

On the other hand, a metadata category is like a radio broadcast--it is only detectable by people who tune their radios (category tools) to a particular setting. Multiple performances can coexist on the same spectrum. (The wiki metadata "spectrum" is limited only by namespaces and server resources.)

The namespace of personal categories will be divided by owners (individuals or groups) and topics (particular ideas or labels). Owners will often be named individuals, but could be pseudonymous (numbered), or "open" (unrestricted) owners. Category names will not need a "Category" prefix, since they will be stored as structured metadata. Some examples of category names could be:

The new categories will one of the following kinds:

. . .

[Later add comments on:

...and other ideas.]

Since the main idea is rather large, please discuss this idea on PersonalCategoriesDiscussion.

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