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[HollenbackNetWiki] - my personal wiki running phpwiki 1.3. Some people find it interesting.

Hey, welcome!

Hello Phil. Your personal site is running a passwprd protected wiki - how does this give you more than a blog with categories and comments switched off? Just curious. -KeithBurnett


I don't know how much it will help you to get at your php wiki content that you mentioned in your reply to Keith, but there is a DUMP as HTML facility in phpWiki that I have used to get content out of that engine and into a format that could at least be used. One problem I had with it is that the 'plugins' supported by phpWiki break the dump, but if you are one of the majority of usrs that do not use plugins, this should work for you. -- HansWobbe

Keith: my site is not password protected by choice. Unfortunately phpwiki development essentially stopped a while back and my site turned in to a spam magnet. Thus I was forced to password protect the site because spammers were defacing it dozens or hundreds of times a day.

Ideally I think a combination of captchas, content analysis, and throttling could be used to keep spammers off a wiki. I wish that phpwiki had those things but it doesn't (well it does have some of them, but nothing is really finished).

Hans: yes I am aware of the dump facility in phpwiki and you have hit the nail on the head: I use a number of plugins that make the dump not directly useful. I could do some programming work to take the dump output plus the plugin data and migrate to a different wiki engine. However at this point my wiki has been around for so long (8 years) that I am loathe to do anything to break existing links to it. Thus not only would have to migrate to a new wiki, I would also have to play lots of tricks to redirect exiting external links properly. All of this means that I do just use my wiki as essentially a personal categorized blog at this point unfortunately.

Note that I have experimented with adding Intense Debate to some pages for a comment engine and that appears to work ok so external plugins might help with this whole mess.

Thanks for the great comments! I just noticed this page because I set up a google alert on my name and it popped up.




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