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The account of the history of education must be very country dependent. For example in Austria the general obligation to attend a school (or have an equivalent private education) was made a law by empress Maria Theresia in 1774. A happy era of reforms extended by her son Joseph II (e. g. end of death penalty, end of serfdom). This is hardly bound to industrialization, more to a need for reforms in sight of the coming French Revolution.

I think the article would become more readable if history, interpretations of literature and the views of the author were more clearly separated. I've not yet read and understood everything. -- HelmutLeitner

I'm always amazed at how unicultural our studies are at the University of Toronto. We only learn the personal political bugaboos of our professors, rather than what's active in the wider political and policy arena. So, when you say this, I thought I was writing fairly genericly, but apparently not. I look forward to returning in 2006 to a more open collaborative writing style that is more in keeping with Meatball, rather than this polemical wanking. -- SunirShah


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