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A pluralistic system accepts different points of view as a matter of normal operations. This doesn't mean complete freedom - a system of rules reduces the infinite number of possibilities to a small number that makes sense to consider.

Democratic systems accept that there are different world views and political opinions that compete side by side.

Scientific systems accept that even established theories are questioned and tested, they have to compete with alternative theories that may have different strengths and weaknesses. New theories may replace old theories.


MeatBall is a PluralisticSystem, at least to some extent. It's fair to say that the views of "CryptoNauts" are not very well represented, neither are users of PenNames. A PluralisticSystem has rules in order to ensure its fairness, openness, and continued functioning (cf. Hobbes, Locke, and Kant). If it helps, consider WikiAsGame.

WikiPedia is not a PluralisticSystem (as far as its page database is concerned), it is NeutralPointOfView. However, one of the WikipediaForks, the InternetEncyclopedia? by FredBauder, is instead a MultiplePointOfView system.

WardsWiki was in its initial phase neither NeutralPointOfView nor a PluralisticSystem. It searched for and advocated a consensus within a pattern and XP world view. Although the XP viewpoint came after the PortlandPatternRepository phase of WikiWiki (Wiki:MissingWikiBeforeXp), these phases didn't differ in their "point of view" style. They are also very similar as they are both rooted in ChristopherAlexander philosophy and have a somewhat authoritarian touch.


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