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A hardware specification, streamlined shell, and additional libraries for the WinCE operating system. Most consumer-oriented, WinCE-based handhelds are PocketPC compliant, although some industrial handhelds eschew the PocketPC look-and-feel in order to reduce their memory or hardware feature requirements.

We're looking at it for business applications, and a vendor whose code runs on this demoed recently. I asked what battery life was. "Pretty much a day, then it takes an hour to recharge," she said. "How about your PalmOS?" (I Wiki-ized it)

"Mine goes through a pair of batteries every week or three."

"But he's a heavy user," my boss, who runs a Palm VII, said. "I go up to five weeks on a pair of AAAs."

It takes a 200MHz chip and 32 Megs to push PocketPC around, while PalmOS tends to run on 33MHz chips with much less memory. And does it so well that it doesn't eat batteries.

Don't you just love it when MS tries to be cute and put out a slimmed-down OS? I'm seeing PalmOS run quite well on a 16Mhz chip. Like all WinCE implementations, PocketPC requires an MMU - that might be part of the problem (PalmOS doesn't - AFAIR they use the Motorola Dragonball processors which are 16 bit and have no MMU).



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