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ProWikiCenter is the central wiki for developing and supporting the ProWiki engine.

 TourBus Template:
 name: ProWikiCenter (aka "prowiki")
 tour bus stop URL: http://www.prowiki.org/prowiki/wiki.cgi?TourBusStop 
 host and e-mail: HelmutLeitner mailto:leitner@wikiservice.at
 language: English
 mission: support the OpenSource ProWiki engine community
 wiki-software (clone) used: ProWiki
 geographical location: none
 neighbourhood: Sourceforge, MeatballWiki, DseWiki, Gr├╝nderWiki
 date of birth: 2003
 pages/homepages: 650 / 10
 open or closed: Open, GPL
 tour connections / current: 
 tour connections / wanted: ProWiki Community Tour
 date of last update (this template): Mai 29, 2006



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